Financial Support

Find out more about financial support available for people with additional needs and  disabilities; and their carers. Just click the BOLD text below to access further details.

Birkdale Trust– grants for those with hearing impairment

Carers Allowance – Government benefit for carers

Carers Individual Budgets Oldham – How to claim

Children today – Provision of specialised equipment and services

Disability – Your Guide to Grants for the Disabled

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) / Personal Independence Payments (PIP) – Government benefits for disabled people

Family Action – For families living with poverty, ill health and social isolation

Family Fund – Grants to lower income families with severely disabled children

Family Holiday Association – For low income families who need of a break 

Lifeline 4 kids – Provides essential equipment to help improve quality of life

Meningitis Now –  Grants to deal with the impact of meningitis.

New Life Foundation – Grants for  seriously disabled or terminally ill children.

Smile for Life –  Assisting children to access funding  from charities and organisations.

Turn to us – Help to access welfare benefits, charitable grants etc

The Variety Club – Grants for individuals with a specific need to provide vital daily items       

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